Radon testing protocol

There are strict guidelines a radon tester must adhere to when taking a radon sample.  In general, the longer the test, the more accurate the results, and we’re talking weeks or months.  However, for real estate transactions, certain criteria must be met in order to achieve the best possible results within a very constrained time period, so the EPA and other similar bodies have developed acceptable protocol to be able to give us the best look at an average radon level in a home.

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What’s the deal with Radon?

This is a common question we get both from buyers and sometimes real estate agents. There is quite a bit of confusion regarding what radon is, what (if any) the health risks associated with it are, and what to do about it. Today’s blog is part 1 of a multi-part series to help you understand radon and to make an informed decision about testing and mitigation.

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