Chair Leg Through The Floor

Table Leg

Had to do a double take during this home inspection! Viewed from the basement, there was a chair leg in the ceiling that had protruded through the floor underneath the dining room. The funny thing is that it was loose, but they never took it out. The home had new carpet.

Sink Foil Repair

sink foil repair

There are a number of items that could  be called out with this photo, but the most obvious is the fact that someone tried to repair this plumbing using aluminum foil!  Often on home inspections, we come across items that seem silly and items that would be considered amateur plumbing.  One more reason it is critical to have a home inspection before purchasing a home.

Shower Next To Main Panel

shower next to main electrical panel

Here’s an interesting home inspection find from South Florida.  A shower next to the main electrical panel.  Even though this is outdoor, anytime an area has electric and water in the same vicinity, it is evaluated as a safety item.

Rusted and Foil

rusted and foil

Although most homebuyers could discern that something may not be right here, a professionally trained inspector can identify and report the defects. In this instance, the flue pipe for the water heater was not installed correctly.  A home inspection report provided by a team of professionals enables clients to make an informed decision about the home they are looking to purchase.

Return Duct by Oven

Return Duct by oven

In this interesting home inspection find, the air return was located next to the oven.  That’s one way to keep a nice aroma of food circulating around.

Light Fixture

amateur light fixture

This DIY light is an easy cosmetic fix, but it could also be a potential safety concern for a homeowner. Although fully functioning, this is considered amateur wiring and a professional home inspector would make recommendations to consult with a qualified electrician for repairs and further evaluation.

Jacked Up

air handler supported by a jack

This home inspection uncovered an air handler being supported by a car jack. The attic is an area of the home that homebuyers don’t typically see before closing, so the home inspection is critical to discovering insights into it’s condition.  Inspectors will observe structural components, existing heating and cooling equipment, fans and insulation, among other things.

Dryer Vent

dryer vent in garage door

In this home inspection, a dryer vent was observed venting through the garage door, preventing the homeowners from opening it.  Often home inspections uncover items that are not ideally designed, but do function. This is part of what makes the home inspection report so valuable to homebuyers.

HomeTeam Inspection Service Opens with New Location in Ann Arbor, MI

Milford, OH – For over 25 years, HomeTeam Inspection Service has been providing fast, trusted and accurate home inspection services throughout the United States and is launching its newest location in Ann Arbor, MI.

Owner Adam Cane has an extensive background in the hospitality industry.

“I am extremely interested in home and property upkeep and maintenance.  I am detail oriented and a great people person, with a background that emphasizes sales.  I wanted to find a career with better work-life balance and this opportunity presented me with something to satiate each of those aspects,” Cane stated

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New Owner for HomeTeam Inspection Service in Anchorage, AK

Milford, OH – For over 25 years, HomeTeam Inspection Service has been providing fast, trusted and accurate home inspection services throughout the United States and is proud to introduce a new owner, Rex Lewis, in the Anchorage, AK location.

Rex Lewis purchased the territory from the former owner and brings over 17 years of industry experience in the residential real estate business. “The reputation and support that HomeTeam has was a major factor in my decision purchase the business.” Lewis said.

After serving in the Air Force, Rex studied electrical engineering and has been a licensed residential contractor for 12 years and a licensed home inspector for 5 years. He is also member of ASHI.

“Rex brings a wealth of knowledge with his previous experience as a home inspector as well as being a licensed residential contractor.  Averaging over 1,600 inspections per year, HomeTeam is already established as the trusted leader in the Anchorage market, and we look forward to Rex expanding this position.” says Adam Long, President of HomeTeam.

Rex is engaged to his fiancé Tonia, who will be managing the office. On the weekends, you can find him surfing, scuba diving, hunting and fishing.

For more than 25 years, HomeTeam has taken great pride in being Fast, Trusted and Accurate. HomeTeam Inspection Service brings a TEAM of inspectors on site, so inspections are faster and more efficient than traditional one-man operations and utilizes the leading technology in the industry to perform inspections. For information on franchise opportunities with HomeTeam Inspection Service, call 800.598.5297 or visit