Rusted and Foil

rusted and foil

Although most homebuyers could discern that something may not be right here, a professionally trained inspector can identify and report the defects. In this instance, the flue pipe for the water heater was not installed correctly.  A home inspection report provided by a team of professionals enables clients to make an informed decision about the home they are looking to purchase.

Light Fixture

amateur light fixture

This DIY light is an easy cosmetic fix, but it could also be a potential safety concern for a homeowner. Although fully functioning, this is considered amateur wiring and a professional home inspector would make recommendations to consult with a qualified electrician for repairs and further evaluation.

Jacked Up

air handler supported by a jack

This home inspection uncovered an air handler being supported by a car jack. The attic is an area of the home that homebuyers don’t typically see before closing, so the home inspection is critical to discovering insights into it’s condition.  Inspectors will observe structural components, existing heating and cooling equipment, fans and insulation, among other things.

Dryer Vent

dryer vent in garage door

In this home inspection, a dryer vent was observed venting through the garage door, preventing the homeowners from opening it.  Often home inspections uncover items that are not ideally designed, but do function. This is part of what makes the home inspection report so valuable to homebuyers.

HomeTeam Inspection Service Opens with New Location in Ann Arbor, MI

Milford, OH – For over 25 years, HomeTeam Inspection Service has been providing fast, trusted and accurate home inspection services throughout the United States and is launching its newest location in Ann Arbor, MI.

Owner Adam Cane has an extensive background in the hospitality industry.

“I am extremely interested in home and property upkeep and maintenance.  I am detail oriented and a great people person, with a background that emphasizes sales.  I wanted to find a career with better work-life balance and this opportunity presented me with something to satiate each of those aspects,” Cane stated

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3 Reasons Fall Is A Great Time For Roofing

Cool breezes and falling leaves are around the corner and for many parts of the country those telltale signs of fall signal the best possible season for roofing.

So what makes fall a great time for roof repairs or a full replacement?

1. Perfect weather

The same perfectly cool weather that makes fall a favorite time of year for camping and outdoor activities also makes it a great time for roofing.

2. Spring and summer storms

The warmth and humidity of the spring and summer months are notorious for spawning severe thunderstorms. Hail can fall any time of the year, but is most common in the spring and summer months, reaching a peak in June in several regions. High winds from spring storms can also uproot trees and snap limbs, both of which can fall on the roof.

“We always recommend homeowners hire a professional to examine their roofs, both for their safety, and to protect their roof,” said Stephen McNally, vice president of sales and marketing for TAMKO Building Products.

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New Home? 6 Steps For Preventing Pests From Moving In

Moving into a new home is chaotic. You’ve got decorating to do, a neighborhood to explore, and a house to keep in tiptop shape. The last thing you need in the midst of all that commotion is the added headache of household pests like ants, cockroaches or rodents.

Look for collecting water

Stagnant or standing water attracts a variety of pests, from nuisance wildlife to mosquitoes. It doesn’t take a lot of water, either – mosquitoes can lay as many as 100 eggs in the cap of a bottle of water. Try to reduce standing water in sources such as pots and tires, and be sure to change out your birdbath at least once a week.

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4 Ways To Prep Your Home For Winter

When you start feeling those first hints of winter, the instinct to get ready kicks in.  But what do you do to protect your house against the hazards of
winter? If you don’t take time for maintenance and winterization now, you can end up paying for it later, whether it’s in the form of higher energy bills, frozen pipes or fixing a broken furnace.

Here are four problems that can hit home during the winter and what you can do to ward them off.

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8 Home Security Hacks Recommended By Police

Did you know that many police departments have a community affairs officer whose primary goal is to build a strong working relationship with the community? That means you have access to a trained safety expert who wants to give you ideas to keep your home and neighborhood safe.

Read on for eight simple home security hacks from a recent home safety evaluation conducted by a police officer.

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